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Announcements-Hilltop High School- Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Announcements – Hilltop High School – Thursday, March 12, 2020

Congratulations to the Esports Super Smash team for winning their first official season match yesterday 4-0 against Shenandoah Zeps HS.  They also won their Hearthstone match last Thursday. 

Student Council:  You will meet today during lunch.

The musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bell” will be performed this weekend, tomorrow and Saturday at 7:00 and Sunday at 3:00.  Admission is students $7 and adults $10.  Everyone is invited to attend.

The Spanish Club is hosting a Pre-Show Party before the musical tomorrow after school from 3:30-5:00.  Join them for pizza and a movie, then go to the musical and support your classmates.  Sign up with Mrs. Diaz.

The Award Program for HS girls’ basketball will be held next Monday night, March 16 at 6:30 in The Commons.

The Awards Program for HS boys’ basketball will be held next Tuesday night, March 17 at 6:30 in The Commons.

The Awards program for JH and HS cheerleading will be held next Wednesday, March 18 at 5:00 in Mrs. Phillips room.

Seniors:  The application for the local scholarships is due to the office by 3:00 next Wednesday, March 18.

Also Seniors:  Cap and gowns and graduation orders can be picked up in the lobby before school on Thursday morning, March 19. Balance due must be paid to pick up your items.

Junior Class officers & Junior Student Council members:  Meet in the office next Thursday morning, March 19 at 8:00 to talk with the Josten’s rep about your graduation announcements.

Those wanting to participate in the Miss West Unity Pageant are to sign up in the office by next Monday.

Senior Planning Timeline

Senior Planning Timeline

Please use this as a guide as you go through your senior year.

Senior Year

  • When senior males turn 18, they must register with Selective Service. Visit www.sss.gov to register! If you fail to register, you will not be eligible for Financial Aid. Ms. Bruner and Ms. Metzger have information about registering.


  • Finalize your list of reasonable choices. Include at least one “long shot”, one “target”, and one “safe” school. Your first choice might very well be a school to which you are a likely candidate for admission. However, each one of you should include at least one safe choice on your list of colleges.
  • Once you have narrowed your list of colleges to a recommended maximum of six, you should begin applying. Most colleges prefer students to apply online.
  • Attend meetings with college representatives who visit HHS. Keep in mind that the representatives who visit us will more than likely be the ones to present your case to the admissions team at their college: MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION!

=        Attend Financial Aid Night

=        Register for the September/October ACT or November SAT if you have not taken the test or want to retest. Obtain packets in Guidance or register on-line.

  • Begin work on application essays. Most senior English classes include work on an essay.
  • Remember that the grades you make this semester will be an important ingredient in the way college admissions committees view your academic seriousness. Your first semester grades will be the last ones they see before deciding whether to admit you to their school.
  • Decide how you will actually apply: paper application, or applying online at the school’s website. Also consider using the common application which will save you time. Just make sure your school accepts the common application.-For more information go to www.commonapp.org
  • Keep your commitment to take challenging courses! Your senior year matters!



  • Complete and file your FAFSA as soon as possible. Aid is distributed on a first come, first served basis. FAFSA’s web site is http://www.fafsa.ed.gov.
  • Pick up financial aid forms in the Counseling Center. The FAFSA is the federal financial form, needed for both public and private schools, and the Profile is for private schools only. Remember, the lottery scholarships require the FAFSA!
  • Please do not push deadlines. It is to your advantage to file your application early. Most colleges admit that early applications automatically receive more attention because they demonstrate the student’s sincere interest in a school.
  • Early decision deadlines and scholarship deadlines may be as early as October 15. Do not allow lack of planning on your part to create an emergency on our part. Submit your Transcript Requests two weeks before the deadline.
  • The college to which you are applying may require official copies of your test scores. Some schools require test scores submitted directly from ACT/SAT. Check the websites of the colleges to see what they require.
  • Notify your counselor if you would like to be nominated for a scholarship at the colleges you are applying.
  • Complete a Transcript Request form for each application you submit. Your transcript includes ACT and SAT scores, classes you’ve taken and your grades; when your counselor sends in your transcript, they will also attach your current schedule.



  • Use your college visiting days well. HHS allows a maximum of 2 days which will be counted against your exemption, but will be excused if pre-approved. Request the visit day by filling out the College Visitation Form at least five days beforehand and bring a letter from the college for proof of your visit.
  • Teacher Recommendations - If the colleges to which you are applying require a recommendation from a teacher, choose and ask a teacher who you feel knows you the best and will represent you well. Give your teacher a filled out Letter of Recommendation Form, which are available in the guidance office. ALLOW AT LEAST 2 WEEKS TO COMPLETE A RECOMMENDATION. If the teacher needs to send the letter directly to an institution, provide an addressed and stamped envelope with the appropriate corresponding forms.
  • This will be your last chance to sign up for and take the SAT or ACT in this year’s admission pool.


  • All college applications and transcript requests which need to be sent out before winter break are due in the guidance office two weeks before we leave for break.  Applications that have a February 1 deadline should also be processed in December.
  • Since we do not return until January, all Transcript Requests submitted after the deadline will be sent out in late January. Please remember that Counselor Reports will be processed in the order they are received…not in the order of urgency for you.
  • If you expect your counselor to write an effective recommendation for you, then allow sufficient time to process your recommendation.
  • Ace your mid-year exams—they matter!
  • Request Mid-Year transcripts to be mailed to the colleges to which you are applying.
  • Don’t ask to drop challenging courses. Colleges could withdraw their offer!


  • Continue applying and looking for scholarships!


  • If you haven’t already done so, visit schools to which you applied.
  • Wait.
  • Local Scholarships become available, please see the guidance office for an application.



  • By April 15, you should hear from all colleges. Use the two weeks before May 1 to make your final decision.
  • Register for Advanced Placement exams if necessary.
  • Notify all colleges which have accepted you of your final decision.
  • Notify colleges who have put you on their waiting list if you wish to remain on it.
  • Don’t develop Senioritis! All college acceptances are conditional pending receipt of final grades in June.


  • Reply to the college you choose. Do not place a deposit with more than one college: it is unethical and you can be dropped by both colleges if discovered.
  • Fill out a Final Transcript Request for the college you will attend. You must make this request in writing to release your transcript.

Career & College Information

The college Database
Provides data to help in the college search and selection process.









Information @ college and career planning, as well as scholarships.

Allows students and counselors to research colleges based on location, cost, and academic majors.

Kaarme.com (pronounced car-may) is an online resource that helps high school students navigate the complex world of college admissions. Our service is provided free of charge and marks a new development in connecting students to prospective universities.




College Information Websites:
Fast Web: www.fastweb.com – Download applications to more than 800 colleges and return them via e-mail.
Peterson’s Education Center: www.petersons.com – Peterson’s publications offer some of the most comprehensive information available to students about all aspects of preparation for higher education.
The Princeton Review: www.princetonreview.com – This site provides general information on college admission and financial aid.

Transfer.org – Course Applicability System (CAS). Provides information on how specific coursework will transfer and apply towards a degree at another university.
GoCollege - www.gocollege.com - Search for colleges, take virtual tours of colleges, take online practice tests for ACT and SAT.
College Net – www.collegenet.com Launched in 1995, lets applicants complete, file and pay for their admissions applications entirely through the internet.
SuperCollege.com – This free website is all about helping students get into and pay for the college of their dreams. There are free resources and great tips and strategies.
ACT: www.act.org
The College Board: www.collegeboard.org
College is Possible: www.collegeispossible.org Preparing for, selecting and paying for college.