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Lines from Larry E. Long, Superintendent

NEW THIS YEAR!!  Hilltop Schools will be starting a food pantry to help students and their families put meals on the table.  The Hilltop Food Pantry is in need of nonperishable food items.  These items can include: canned/packaged fruits, veggies, and main meals.  Examples of main meals may include but are not limited to: complete meal boxes by Betty Crocker and Helper Complete, Dinty Moore, macaroni and cheese, canned soup, and spaghetti.  Donations can be turned in to the food pantry collection bins in the elementary or high school offices and Dollar General.  Families needing food will need to complete a meal request slip brought home by students on a weekly basis and food will be sent home on Fridays.  More detailed information will be sent home at the beginning of the school year and a start date will be determined once the pantry receives adequate donations.  If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Rupp at srupp@hilltopcadets.org or 419-924-2365 ext. 2103.


The 2016-2017 school year is right around the corner.  I truly hope everyone has had a great summer!!  We are so excited and so looking forward to an outstanding year with the various changes that have taken place here at Hilltop.  Reminder that the first day of classes is Wednesday, August 24 with Open House on Tuesday evening the 23rd from 6:30-8!  THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL CALENDAR IS ON OUR WEBSITE SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE A COPY FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.    

     Starting my fourth year as your Superintendent, it has been a great summer as I am so pleased with the positive direction that our district is moving.  This direction is the result of all of us working TOGETHER to make good things happen for our school and the future generations.  I personally feel more a part of and closer with the community and I have a true investment in our district since buying a home in West Unity in the spring.  This affords me more time to be involved in both the events and happenings of our school district as well as the events of our communities.  

      I will be highlighting things throughout this newsletter so you can hopefully understand the reason for the excitement.   I want to continue to build on developing a good, positive working relationship between the school district and all associated with our communities.  My office always has an open door policy or you can also reach me via phone:  419.924.2365 ext. 2322 or via e-mail at:  llong@hilltopcadets.org.


Before starting the communications for this upcoming year, we want to extend sincere  CONGRATULATIONS   to the Hilltop graduating Class of 2016. This class did a tremendous job of representing themselves, their families and our school district.  We wish all of them the very BEST in all of their future endeavors.


Communications remain a top-priority for us so let’s get started:

¨ Hope our community parents and students were able to take advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday held the first weekend of this month.  Nice savings and we tried to get the word out a couple times before that.

¨ Open House is scheduled for Tuesday evening (8-23) from 6:30-8 with school starting the next day.  At the Open House, Mr. Siegel and our bus drivers will be available in the Commons to assist with any transportation matters.  Miss Ellie will be here to collect breakfast/lunch monies and answer any of your food service questions.  NOTE:  for better efficiency, we will be operating on a different lunch schedule this year and that will be covered with the students.  Officer Arnold will also be here to address any SRO questions as well. Secretaries will be here to collect school fees and answer any questions you may have.  Miss Metzger will be here for any Guidance inquiries.  Naturally, all administration and those staff members available will be in attendance.  Our Music Boosters will have their annual food fundraiser from 5:30-8, football parents are going to be doing a dunk tank as well in the lobby area will be the scouts, library, Safe Schools group, Chamber of Commerce along with the Church of Christ providing cookies and punch.  We apologize ahead as we have several teachers that may be involved in coaching that evening and not available.  This date was set and then with the addition of Montpelier into the BBC, that is the spot where the Loco’s were placed to start BBC action.  We will get through this year and look for a different evening next year depending on school calendar where we can cut down on the conflicts.  Mr. Riley had freshmen orientation last school year so the only orientation this year is grade 7 from 5:45-6:15 in the Commons area.

¨ REMINDER TO KINDERGARTEN PARENTS – classes do not start until Friday, 8-26 as testing individual testing will be taking place on the 24th and 25th.

¨ A big Thank You to Mrs. Lisa Dobbelaere and Ms. Polly Weaver for their dedication and years of service to MWU. 

¨ Ask that situations or issues that arise that we follow the chain of command in resolution or the handling of such.  Immediate person responsible, respective building principal, superintendent and if not satisfied, the board of education.

¨ Many new faces or assignment changes again this year at Hilltop:  Mrs. Vicki Rhodes is the Title l teacher, Mrs. Rachel Gerken is the NEW kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ruth Parrott will now be teaching science for grades 5/6, Ms. Megan Dellinger is the NEW second grade teacher, and Mr. Dan Hurd is the NEW grade 5 math and social studies teacher.  He will also be advisor for the Elementary and JH Quiz Bowl teams, Mr. Bill Geis will now be teaching grades 5/6 math and social studies, Mrs. Michelle Steffes will now be teaching reading in grades 5/6 , Mrs. Janie Rivera will be teaching grades 7/8 social studies, Ms. Jennifer Yoh will be adding reading intervention to grade 7 to her schedule, Mrs. Helen Phillips is going to full-time with the addition of our NOVA program as well as grades 7/8 career tech, Mrs. Marion Allen is also going to full-time and also has the addition of the NOVA program,  Mrs. Jennifer Marvin has been hired as a para and will be overseeing our speech program as well as serving as an aide to our JH/HS special ed. program.  She will also serve as JH Cheerleading Advisor, Mrs.  Karen Masters will serve as our HS Cheerleading Advisor, Ms. Janice Bruner  will serve as Assistant Athletic Director, Mrs. Manda Plum now serves as a two-hour lunch supervisor, Mr. Al Wheeler now serves as our Custodial Manager, Mr. Nathan Siegel is now Transportation/ Electrical Maintenance Manager (more on this to follow),  Mrs. Nancy Myers is a new bus driver and will handling our OBI program, Ms. Brittany Meyers is now Mrs. Brittany Charles, Ms. Sarah DeGroff is now Mrs. Sarah Burkholder,  also our CONGRATS to Mr. Sam Boehnlein and Mr. Nathan Siegel as both have new wives from the summer, from the ESC, Mrs. Beth Lewis will be serving our district a couple days a week in serving as our Special Education Coordinator.   We are truly excited with all our new hires and all the changes will be nice positive changes for our district!

¨ WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SUB BUS DRIVERS, SUB CUSTODIANS, AND SUB FOOD SERVICE PERSONNEL!!  If interested, please mail or e-mail a copy of your resume and a letter of interest to me at the e-mail address listed at the beginning of this newsletter section.

¨ Would also like to share that we will be implementing an archery program for our students in grades 4-12 as a result of a grant from the Department of Natural Resources.  This will be part of our physical education programs and we plan an Archery Club to compete against other schools in the area that have this same program.  If interested in assisting in this Club, please let me know as

our physical education programs and we plan an Archery Club to compete against other schools in the area that have this same program.  If interested in assisting in this Club, please let me know as this ends up being a pretty big endeavor since grades 4-12 and the competitions take place during the winter months.

¨ For the second year, we are utilizing TinyEYE Therapy Services for our speech program.  This is an on-line program that we had a lot of success with last year and Mrs. Marvin will be working with the TinyEYE teacher to provide the handling of this program here at Hilltop.

¨ One of the areas that we have worked hard on for our staff and students is the area of technology.  We are proud to announce that as of this year, we now have a 1-1 Chromebook computers for all of our students in grades 3-12.  We have also set up an electrical storage cabinet for shared use of computers for our students in grades K-2.  Since our STATE testing is all online for grades 3-12, this is a big plus and assistance to our students.  We have been able to complete a pretty thorough and comprehensive plan for our students and the vast majority of the dollars have come from a grant program called REAP.  This school year we finished everything off and now can take those dollars to maintain and upgrade in keeping our technology second to none.  Regardless of how we feel with technology and computers, they are here to stay and we want our students to have the same chances and opportunities with the technology field no different than any other student anywhere else.  To watch and see the things that our students are doing with this area is amazing plus the purchase and use of eBooks is a tremendous cost savings and we have educational material that is current and up-to-date.

¨ REMINDER - The school phone number is 419.924.2365 - then follow the prompts to connect to the party you wish to speak with.

¨ FOLLOW-UP ON ABOVE ITEM RE: TRANSPORTATION – Mr. Nathan Siegel is now handling all the district transportation.  If you need to communicate with him, call 419.924.2365 ext. 2184, his e-mail is:  nsiegel@hilltopcadets.org.

¨ Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of our fall sports and fall activity participants for an exciting fall.  We also wish all of those participating in the WC Fair, the Best of Luck as well.  Lots and lots of hard work put into these endeavors and we are very PROUD of all of our students, teachers, coaches and the many others that provide great educational opportunities for our kids – outside of the classroom.

¨ The HILLTOP MILITARY SALUTE Wall continues to grow and we will be installing our second board.  These are ‘current’ Hilltop military graduates.  If you know or are aware of others, we need a 5x7 picture with their name, branch of military and year of Hilltop graduation listed on the back.  We will take care of the rest.  Any questions – please contact me.

¨ As most are aware, we kicked-off the Hilltop Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame in May of 2015 and that was also well received.  However, due to lack of nominees, the committee did not make any awards this year.  We need your help in either filling a SIMPLE nomination form or contact me with a name and address and we will take care of it from this office.  This is such a nice program and there are plenty of good quality individuals but we need names and/or nominees.  The NOMINATION forms are on the school website and the deadline for consideration for this year is DECEMBER 31, 2016.

¨ Again we ask folks to get involved with our various support organizations - the Music Boosters and Athletic Boosters who support and promote our students and school.  School districts cannot do it alone and these two organizations are so very vital in a variety of endeavors.  Contact Tim Clark (419.799.0253) Troy Grime (260.413.1503), or Melinda Norris (419.551.2808) for Athletic Boosters and Sherry Ackley (419.630.7721) for Music Boosters.  Music Boosters will generally meet the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Band Room and Athletic Boosters will generally meet the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Commons and they would welcome you! 

¨ We continue to make our website and e-mail more useful and beneficial so we encourage folks to check it out and use these options as much as possible.  NOTE:  all new students’ and all start of school year registration materials are on-line so you can get an early start on this process as well as the Open Enrollment Forms, Red and White Card application,  etc.

¨ Reminder that we place all DISTRICT NEWSLETTERS, INTERIMS and GRADE CARDS on the school website (http://www.hilltop.k12.oh.us).  Parents – we encourage you to sign up so that we can

work together in monitoring your children(s) academic progress.  In the event that you do not have computer availability, contact the following individuals and we will get paper copy to you:

      DISTRICT - Mrs. Jana Griffin @ 419.924.2365 Ext. 2321

      JH/HS – Mrs. Cathie Batt @ 419.924.2365 Ext. 2329

      ELEMENTARY – Mrs. Karen Kuney @ 419.924.2365 Ext. 2350

¨ We also encourage folks to either sign-up, update or be removed from the district wide ALERT phone/text messaging system.  Directions are provided on the web and this is a very beneficial means of providing important school district information.

       TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR – Mr. John VanAusdale @ 419.924.3465 Ext. 2233

¨ The RED & WHITE cards for MWU Senior Citizens will continue this year.  Unless new or changes – you will need NOT make yearly application for these. 



                                           GRADES POSTED BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY, 10-26


                                        GRADES POSTED BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY, 1-11


                                        GRADES POSTED BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY, 3-29


                                       GRADES POSTED BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY, 6-8

¨ We are always accepting any memorabilia from either the old Alvordton and/or old Hilltop Schools that anyone would like to donate to our school – we would greatly appreciate as we want to continue to share the ‘history’ of these two former school districts that are now one.

¨ I close by again stating that I am excited and looking forward to this coming school year and our future.  We want to work TOGETHER as a TEAM in providing all of our students with the best education possible.