Lines from Larry E. Long, Superintendent

Now that we are into Spring 2015 and are able to put old man winter to rest for another year, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of the cooperation and understanding on this winter season.  Surely nothing like last year and we are very, very grateful for that.  Before getting into the actual newsletter part, I want to personally offer my sincere THANKS for another outstanding school year.  I am very proud of what has been accomplished and very proud of our future as believe with all my heart that it is only going to get better and better.  It is truly an honor and pleasure to serve the students and families of the Hilltop Schools. 

Dates of Importance:
Thursday, May 28 – Kindergarten Graduation @ 6:30
Friday, May 29 – Last day of school for students (K-11) – 1:00 DISMISSAL.
Sunday, May 31 – Graduation starts @ 2:00

Lots of good news to share so…

It is with extreme PRIDE that we announce the first inductees to the Hilltop Distinguished ALUMNI Hall of Fame.  They will officially be inducted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 as part of our Academic Achievement Banquet and Awards Program.  The committee did an excellent job and for the initial year, three OUTSTANDING individuals were chosen for this honor and recognition.  The three include:


Ralph Geesey was born in December of 1900 and passed away in October of 1974.  He is a West Unity alum from the Class of 1917.  In 1923, Coach Geesey coached two state basketball finalists at both West Unity and Stryker and then during the 1927-28 season, he coached the state basketball finalist at Kunkle School.  From 1922-1929, Mr. Geesey finished with a record of 231 wins - 21 losses.  He was later inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Ohio Historical Society in Montpelier in 2007.


Mrs. Paulette Potts was born in October of 1947 and passed away in October of 2012.  She was a Class of 1965 alum of Hilltop.  Paulette graduated from Defiance College in 1969 with a Bachelor’s degree and received her Master’s degree from Bowling Green State University in 1985 in Language Arts.  The various teaching positions she held at Hilltop from 1969-2001 included:  freshmen and sophomore English, junior and senior English, College Prep and Speech.  Mrs. Potts finished her career in June of 2006 teaching Communications at Northwest State Community College.


Dr. Terry Klopfenstein attended West Unity School in grades 1-11 and is a Hilltop alum of the Class of 1957 where he served as a class officer.  Terry received all of his degrees from The Ohio State University which includes:  Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 1961, Master of Science in Ruminant Nutrition in 1963 and his Ph.D in Ruminant Nutrition in 1965.  Dr. Klopfenstein has been associated with the University of Nebraska in Ruminant Nutrition from 1965 to the present and has served as a Research Associate, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and has had full Professor status since 1974.  His list of honors and accomplishments are extensive with Cattle Feeder Hall of Fame, Nebraska Agricultural Achievement Honoree and Distinguished Alumni Award from his alma mater, just to name a few.

We are extremely proud and honored to have these three people as our first class of Hilltop Alumni Hall of Fame honorees.  Nomination form for next year’s class is on the school web site or you can either call 419.924.2365 Ext. 2322 or e-mail llong@hilltopcadets.org to request a nomination packet.  The deadline for the next class will be December 31, 2015.  These three people will have their picture plaques located in the lobby area of our gym, opposite side of our Military Salute Board as we look to build and make this an important part of our school and community.

**The 2015-2016 school calendar has been board approved and is on the school website.  Along these lines – reminder that elementary class rosters will not be posted until a week or two before the 2015-2016 school year starts in August.  The closer we can get to the school year starting the more accurate and updated these rosters are.

**Congrats to Angie Dunson and the rest of our staff and students as this year’s JUMP ROPE FOR HEART raised $12,777.42 this year which was a $3,000.00 more than last year.  This is AWESOME and such a great, great cause. 

**Our sincere thanks to Michael Polley on the job he did for our district as School Resource Officer (SRO).  We wish him well on his new job with the Williams County Juvenile Court.  We extend a warm welcome to Jeff Arnold who has replaced Officer Polley.  Officer Arnold comes to us with a solid background and vast amount of experience so we are glad to have him with us as we move forward.

**Our district extends a sincere THANK YOU, CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to Pat King, Paul Kyser, Mel Mercer, Deb Nixon, Deb Schaefer, and Laura Springer who have announced their retirement from MWU Schools.  We thank them and wish them well on their well-deserved upcoming retirement.

**Encourage all to check out our website for school information, especially the photo gallery section on the left-hand side as a variety of pictures from our recent Science Fair competitions, musical, DARE program, and many other school year events.  We are extremely PROUD of our students and everyone else that plays a part in their success and we want to show that PRIDE!!

**Family, Friends of or actual Hilltop MILITARY personnel  - We continue to look to recognize military individuals that are currently on active duty with our military and are graduates of Hilltop HS.  We need the graduate’s name and rank, branch of service, year of graduation, a 5 x 7 color military uniform picture along with a contact name and number to follow-up with.  Any questions or inquiries, please contact me.

**As Superintendent, I want to offer a heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU for the various donated items made to our school throughout the year.  We try to recognize those we can but we also know that a lot of other items are provided and we want you to know how much they are truly appreciated.  Be it school supplies, hats/gloves, other clothing, monetary donations, your time, materials for the classroom or simply whatever it may be – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU!!!

May each and every one of you have a most relaxing, safe and enjoyable summer 2015.