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Lines from Larry E. Long, Superintendent


Hello to all as we start the 2015-2016 school year!

I am very proud to serve as your Superintendent as this is a great school with great students, great staff, great parents and great communities.  It takes all of us working TOGETHER to make great things happen. 

Starting my third year here at Hilltop as Superintendent, I am so proud of what we have accomplished.  We have made tremendous in-roads in the area of technology and we continue to move forward in an area that allows our students to be competitive with all of their fellow peers and society as a whole.  Regardless of how we may personally feel towards technology, it is here and it is only going to get more and more in-depth as new means of communication change world-wide.  Each student in grades 7-12 have their own Chromebook and we are now moving Chromebook down to grades 5 & 6 as this will keep our Technology Plan current and progressing as we are able to a advance.

In the area of curriculum, I feel we are getting on the same page, at all levels, and providing our students with a consistent plan of learning.  We have added new textbooks, eBooks, etc. to go along with our technology and it is so neat to see what our young people are able to do with all of this knowledge.  Every student has been able to take the necessary tests on-line and that is what the State of Ohio is hoping for all schools to be able to do.

We have made a commitment to keep our new facilities clean and take care of the necessary areas as they arise.  We have a beautiful complex and our plan is to keep it that way!

The arts and athletics have made big strides as we have purchased new band uniforms and we have made a sincere effort to spruce up and improve the athletic facilities we have for our young students.  This year we are looking to bring on an Archery program for students in grades 4-12.  This will consist of training in physical education classes and then we are hopeful to expand to make this a Club event where our students can compete against other schools that have this program in the area.  Over-all, our student numbers are improving and it is so neat to see that Hilltop PRIDE and CLASS in our school and with our students.

Community is very important to our school and we have added to the Military Board recognition for our current military personnel and added the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame this past May 2015 with three individuals being inducted into the initial class.  We continue to add and bring enhancements to our school that tells others what we are all about.

I could continue on and on but those that know me know that I am so, so very PROUD of what we have accomplished here to date and what we plan to accomplish in the future as our job is not done.  Not one person can make things happen, it takes a TEAM and a TEAM is what we have here in Cadet Country. 

I welcome any thoughts or ideas that you may have to help us improve our school.  Please feel free to contact me at: 419.924.2365 Ext. 2322 or e-mail me at: llong@hilltopcadets.org.