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Mobile Dentist

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Information about a new way
to treat tooth decay.
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The Mobile Dentist schedule for 2018-2019:

October 30 and November 1
May 2 and May 3 


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Hilltop Online Courses (Connexus)


Last First Title Email Phone
Wyse Jim Superintendent 2322
Thompson Traci Treasurer 2378
Riley Steve HS/JH Principal 2141
Worline Laurie Elementary Principal 2351
Boyer Bill Student Services Director 2202

Elementary Staff

Last First Title Email Phone
Bok Amanda 1st grade 2103
Charles Brittany 2nd Grade 2109
Dellinger Megan 2nd Grade 2108
Doran Teresa K-12 Vocal / Chorus 2113
Drewes Damon Elementary Phy Ed. 2126
Dunson Angie 1st Grade 2104
Geis Bill 6th Grade Social Studies & Math 2211
Goosman Kim 3rd Grade 2205
Hogrefe Wendy Intervention Spec. Younger Elem 2213
Hurd Dan 5th Grade Social Studies & Math 2210
Leu Don 4th Grade 2206
Mason Amanda Intervention Specialist 2214
Parrott Ruth 5/6 Grade Science


Pendleton Morgan Kindergarten 2101
Rhodes Vicki Title 1 2110
Richer Chris Intervention Specialist Upper Elem. 2207
Rupp Sarah

Kinder Kadets 

Steffes Michelle 5/6 Grade Language Arts 2212
Tanner Betty 4th Grade 2208
VanArsdalen Rhonda 3rd Grade 2204
Verhoff Natasha 1st Grade



High School / Junior High Staff

Last First Title Email Phone
Allen Marion Science/NOVA 2225
Arps Desiree Art K-12 2226
Boehnlein Sam HS Math 2219
Brown Ken JH Math 2117
Bruner Janice HS Social Studies 2222
Cheezan Karen JH Intervention Spec. 2216
Diaz Rebecca Spanish 2224
Frey Katie Agriculture Education/FFA 2133
Gerig Tony Health/HS Phy. Ed./AD 2331
Hagans Cristin HS Science 2119
Maran Samuel Director of Band 2328
Massie Nathan Intervention Specialist 2201
Metzger Amber K-12 Guidance Counselor 2111
Miller Andrew HS Math 2220
Moore Briton JH Social Studies 2115
Doran Teresa K-12 Vocal Chorus 2113
Nofziger Amanda JH Language Arts 2116
Phillips Helen Family & Consumer Science 2122
Schaper Tom English 9/10 2223
Smith Abbie JH Science 2121
Thompson Cameron Technology Ed/Athletic Trainer 2200
Yoh Jennifer HS English/Language Arts 2221
Zachrich Jaymes Phy. Ed/Soc. Std 2118


Melissa Intervention Specialist


Classified Staff

Last First Title Email Phone
Allion George Custodian I  
Allion Tim Custodian I  
Bard Austin Technology Coordinator 2233
Batt Cathie HS/JH Secretary 2329
Carpenter Sandy Bus Driver
Goosman Bruce Bus Driver  
Griffin Jana Administrative Assistant 2321
Ford Deb Assistant Treasurer 2180
Meeker Jackie Cook  
Kuney Karen Elementary Sect'y/EMIS 2350
Livensparger Gwyn Bus Driver  
Marvin Jennifer Para Professional


Myers Nancy Bus Driver  
Plum Manda Para Professional 2218
Reamsndyer Davis Bus Driver  
Sauder Mary Para Professional 2232
Shinhearl Ellie Food Service Manager 2144
Siegel Nathan Transportation/Mechanical Serv. Mgr 2184
Cooley Jon Custodian I  
Nafziger Kiley Bus Driver  
Williams Bill Custodian I 2148
Whitmore Deb Cook  
Schaffner Kelly Cook  
Stough Shari Cook  

Delete Rows


Last First Title Email Phone
Fry Phil School Resource Officer 2171
Ewers Kristin Registered School Nurse 2323
Lero Phyllis Para Professional  
Gill Scott School Psychologist - NWOESC 2377
Paige Sarah Preschool Teacher - NWOESC 2105
Pilmore Lori Preschool Para Prof. - NWOESC 2105
Welling Amy Licensed Social Worker 2330