Board of Education

Board Members Email Address

Heather Jones, Board President |  hjones@hilltopcadets.org 

Sarah Carothers, Board Vice-President | scarothers@hilltopcadets.org 

Dave Chester | dchester@hilltopcadets.org

Randy Mahlman | rmahlman@hilltopcadets.org 

Brian Wieland | bwieland@hilltopcadets.org

2019 Board Assignments

Audit Committee Heather Jones & Sarah Carothers
Facility and Technology Brian Wieland and Randy Mahlman
Public Records Commission
Heather Jones, Pres., Traci Thompson, Treas.,
& Jim Wyse, Supt.
 Superintendent Pro-Tem Laurie Worline & Steve Riley, Building Principals 

Board of Education Members

School Board Members:
Left to Right:  Randy Mahlman, Sarah Carothers, Brian Wieland, Heather Jones, and David Chester