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Hilltop 1 to 1 Chromebook Agreement

Parent Agreement Form ~ look on the OUR PARENT tab, then scroll down to the Forms and Handbooks and click; scroll down to the NOTIFICATION then click open ~ the form will be right there.

Hilltop Military Personnel

We are looking to recognize military individuals that are currently on active duty with our military that are graduates of Hilltop HS. ...

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School Call List

If you are receiving a school call and do not wish to... ...

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We are offering a new 'RED & WHITE' card starting in our winter season to our district Senior Adults.  Applications are available on the website under the OUR Community Tab or in the Superintendent's Office.  Any questions please  419-924-2365 ext. 2322. ...

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Weight Room Schedule

The schedule for the weight room will be as follows: ...

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Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

This is a new endeavor we are introducing.  All information is included on the OUR COMMUNITY tab. ...

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 NO SCHOOL on September 1 ~ Labor Day                                         

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